Worm Robots

So, this post was going to be about my search for an amphibious scout robot (or possibly a crewed vehicle), and constructing a snake-like body for that vehicle to facilitate that. However, I'd discovered that there are several military projects already for that. So... Not so sci-fi. But still, while we're here, I'm going to list the pros and cons of using such a technology.
Easily fitted to be amphibious (and far better in water than our current propeller tubes)
Extremely low ground pressure
Can climb near vertical surfaces with no modification
Is the preferred mode of locomotion for anything that burrows
Capable of handling a huge variety of alien environments
Creeps the shit out of my GM

Fragile to enemy fire
Possibly expensive to produce

Anyway, with that, the snake-body is well suited for scout vehicles (from something smaller than a quiche to something huge, maybe). However, for combat, it is perhaps too fragile.

So, now that we have our mechanical snakes, what could the future hold?

Well, in the sci-fi setting we're currently running, we have "nano-saws". Also hyper-advanced batteries. Anyway, with those two things we can (but have not yet) make a miniature scout robot that can last for months at a time while burrowing through, say, a wall or desk or enemy combatant's skull. Certainly very versatile.

But what if, inexplicably, the snake-body drone was rejected? Well, how about THREE snake bodies? Attached to one single "head". And they have grasping claw things at the end of each snake body. Then the bodies become tentacles and we have a fun old time with a tripod. Except it's the size of a watch and can burrow itself into your amygdala.

I did come up with a three fingered hand for Bub that could fold itself into a ball or a foot, but also be reasonably good at grasping. I call it the multi-knuckle. Because hands don't already have multiple knuckles, obviously. But these hands could be put at the end of each tentacle, and that would be cool. The tiny drone thing would then have some sort of manipulation ability, capable of typing things on a computer or stealing money out of wallets or whatever.

This was rambly. idk. Sue me. But don't, I have no money.

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